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Core Targets & Priorities for 2018-19

Core Targets 2018-19(2)

BMPA Key Priorities 2018.19

Leadership & Management

•           Middle leaders to have a positive, proactive impact on school improvement through a shared focus on improving outcomes and by ensuring good or better progress for all pupils.

Teaching, Learning & Assessment

•           100% of teaching consistently good to ensure good or better progress for pupils over time.

•           Develop and deliver a broad, balanced, deep and relevant curriculum that engages and enthuses pupils and accurately assesses progress from pupils differing starting points

•           Reading – increase the complexity of texts accessible through developing the school’s library and class novels

•           Writing – develop the teaching of vocabulary across a range of subjects

•           Writing – ensure non-negotiable basic skills are taught well across the curriculum

•           Maths – embed the mastery approach to ensure using and applying is taught effectively allowing children the ability to reason effectively

Pupil Outcomes

•           Prior high attainers to make at least expected progress or better

•           The progress of pupil premium children to be better than expected

•           Pupils with SEND to make the same rates of progress as their peers

•           All pupils to make at least expected progress

Pupil Behaviour & Personal Development

•           Pupils to be confident and self-assured learners, demonstrating an improvement in learning behaviours across the school day, through the direct teaching of metacognition.

•           Increase attendance figures from 93.1% to 97% or above.

•           Devise and implement a school mental health policy and related SMSC scheme of work to enable pupils to successfully engage with the curriculum.


•           EYFS pupils to make better than expected progress so to exceed national expectations for writing and GLD

•           Implement the 3 year EYFS development plan with the aim to deliver high quality EYFS provision that is seen as a strength of the school.











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