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BMPA School Travel Plan

We, at Barling Magna Primary School, believe that children should be encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle which includes learning about how to keep themselves safe outside of the school environment.


In addition, we wish to encourage our stakeholders to consider our neighbours and the environment when making journeys to and from school 

With this in mind, and in consultation with the pupils and parents, we have drafted a Travel Plan.

The objectives of our travel plan are:


  • To increase the number of pupils walking to school
  • To reduce unnecessary car journeys to and from the school. This will make the area outside school safer for pedestrians and cyclists and encourage pupils to use school journeys to practise road safety skills with their parents or guardians.
  • To enable the children to learn road safety skills and improve their health and the environment. (Reminding the children of our responsibility to protect our environment, particularly with current concerns about the long term effect of engine emissions leading to an increased ‘greenhouse effect’ and associated global warming.)
  • To work with local partners to find solutions to our road safety problems
  • To ensure that the whole school community  works together to take ownership of and ensure the success and long term sustainability of this travel plan

Please refer to the documents listed on this page for further details.

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