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Barling Magna Primary Academy Home/School Partnership Agreement

The school will:

  • Recognise and manage the needs of individual children and encourage them to do their best at all times
  • Offer equal opportunities in all aspects of school life and encourage pupils to appreciate diversity
  • Provide a safe, welcoming, friendly and caring environment in which learning can take place
  • Provide a range of learning opportunities through a broad curriculum which motivates pupils and fosters a love of learning and sense of achievement
  • Encourage high standards of behaviour and develop pupils’ independence
  • Value positive relationships between the school and parents/carers whilst providing regular information about pupils’ behaviour, academic progress and attainment
  • Listen to and respond to concerns that parents/carers may have in a timely manner
  • Give children regular opportunities to give their views about our school and listen and respond to any worries they may have about school
  • Celebrate children’s achievements

The family will:

  • Respect and support all staff within school
  • Bring any worries or concerns to the relevant staff in school and not make derogatory comments about the school, its staff and children on social media
  • Ensure that their child follows our uniform code, including removing earrings for PE lessons
  • Make sure that their child attends school regularly
  • Book family holidays during the 14 weeks of school holiday time each year and not request absence in term time
  • Ensure that their child arrives at school on time with everything they need for their school day

The child will:

  • Promise to follow our Golden Rules
  • Be gentle, kind and helpful; not hurt people or their feelings
  • Work hard and try his/her best
  • Look after property; not waste or damage things
  • Remember his/her manners and respect each other
  • Not be afraid to ask for help and remember that making mistakes helps you learn
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