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Vision Values and Aims

To be an exemplary school in which all pupils and staff excel through the ambitious opportunities offered.

Our school will inspire everyone to aim high!



School Values

Explore                       Aspire                        Succeed

Values in Practice

  • Explore
  • Children will ‘broaden their horizons’ through experiencing diverse cultures, meeting a range of people and visiting new places.
  • Staff continually explore innovative techniques to engage and motivate pupils.
  • Children will be motivated to learn through the wide range of activities offered; academic, arts, creative, sporting and technological which leads to a life-long love of learning.
  • Creative and imaginative opportunities enable pupils to explore the world in different ways.
  • Children demonstrate curiosity and develop enquiring minds by questioning what they see and hear.
  • Teachers act as role models by asking questions and by demonstrating how to secure knowledge in a range of ways.
  • Children will apply different strategies to enable them to tackle problems with confidence and the skills to responsibly take risks.
  • Pupils are reflective individuals who can respectfully consider the diverse world we live in.

Children’s views 

Explore means ….to visit new places, meet new people, participate in a variety of new experiences in different ways and to learn new skills.

  • Aspire
  • High standards are applied to every aspect of the curriculum.
  • The whole school community (staff, pupils, parents and trustees) aspire for excellence.
  • Our school maintains an uncompromising focus on being inclusive and takes every opportunity to value diversity and provide equality of opportunity.
  • Children are confident learners who are determined to pursue their goals.
  • Pupils are ambitious, seeking out and undertaking their own challenges.
  • Pupils are resilient and demonstrate determination when faced with challenges.
  • Pupils persevere to overcome barriers by applying independent learning strategies.
  • Through ‘pupil voice’, children are empowered to play a positive role in school improvement.
  • The school endeavours for everyone in the school community to be aspirational; grasping opportunities for success.

Children’s views 

Aspire means… wanting to thrive by showing determination and not giving up. Feeling inspired by others and aspiring to be the best we can be.

  • Succeed
  • All pupils make excellent progress regardless of their starting points as a result of outstanding teaching across a broad curriculum.
  • Diverse achievements are celebrated; academic, creative, imaginative and sporting.
  • Pupils are knowledgeable about the world they live in and its history.
  • Our children are well prepared for the next stage of their education. 
  • Pupils demonstrate respect and empathy towards others enabling them to be successful participants in a diverse society.
  • Children will have the determination to apply what they have learnt to enable them to achieve their personal long-term goals.
  • Pupils successfully communicate and debate to express their own ideas, thoughts and feelings whilst respecting the opinions and views of others.
  • Children are successful in self-managing their behaviour enabling them to be independent learners and empowered young citizens.
  • Pupils have the skills to reflect upon strategies they have applied enabling them to adapt them to further succeed.
  • Staff, pupils, parents and trustees are proud to be part of a school that excels.

Children’s views 

Succeed means… knowing that our hard work has paid off by celebrating our achievements. Reaching our full potential so we can be who we want to be in the future.



Children’s views gathered in Talk for Change January 2020

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