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Being a small school doesn't limit us!


Barling Magna Primary Academy is a small, rural primary school with a ‘family feel' and is comprised of 5 mixed age classes. We pride ourselves on our nurturing ethos where every child is enabled to achieve. Your child is an individual and as a small school, all members of the teaching and support staff know each and every child.

Duck Class

Duck class is made up of the EYFS children plus the younger Year 1 pupils and is taught by Miss Lee.

The Year 1s are sometimes taught separately alongside those Year 1 pupils in Fox class.

Reading 2

Fox Class

Fox class is taught by Miss Phillips and is comprised of the older portion of the Year 1 pupils plus all of the Year 2 pupils.

The Year 1s are sometimes taught separately alongside those Year 1 pupils in Duck class.

emerald class(1)

Rabbit Class

Rabbit class is taught by Mrs Pearce and Miss Edwards and has all the Year 3 pupils plus the younger Year 4s. 


Badger Class

Badger class is taught by Mrs Horton and is comprised of the older Year 4 pupils plus all the  Year 5 children.


Owl Class

Owl class is taught by Mr Stone. Currently, due to pupil numbers it is solely made up of Year 6 pupils. 


Class splits

Each year the pupils in years 1, 3, 4 & 5 are generally split according to age, therefore the children's placements tend to depend on the range of birthdays in their Year group. 

Senior management do pay particular attention to the numbers of boys, girls, SEND, range of abilities and siblings in each class to try to make sure that no one class is unfairly balanced. 

Teaching Mixed Age Classes

The teachers in every class ensure that all of their pupils have access to their relevant age-appropriate learning. In addition they use effective differentiation strategies to match the objective and activity to each child's personal needs.

Age-related coverage is planned carefully across each of the key stages to ensure a progression of skills and to try and prevent a duplication in topic coverage. This planning is evident in each class's curriculum map. 

The effective delivery of an age-appropriate curriculum is rigorously monitored by the senior leadership team through lesson observations, learning walks, pupil progress meetings, book looks and talking to pupils. 

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